“The Transitional Beings"
Abstract Art-paintings and Creative Design Concept
© NiK-KiA 2010-11

    In Visual-Art concept "The Transitional Beings", word "Transitional" literally related to Terms such as the "Bardo", "Intermediate State", "Soul Prison", "Soul Sleep", "Barzach","in-between state", "luminal state", the world after, ,"Parallel World" and " Parallel Universe". The word "Beings" Literally related to abstract visualization of human Spiritual life elements such as Human-Essence, - Spirit, -Soul, or -Substance.
    The term "Transitional Beings" refers to the Human phenomenal faces in the Spiritual Intermediate World, also to terms as the Human-Essence, -substance in his life cycle. (Before Birth life, life and Afterlife).
    The art concept of "The Transitional Beings” is consist of over 81 large format (up to 210x300 cm) oil paintings and about 3,000 graphics and sketch. The Concept spreads in following nine Projects:

      1. Sprits in Travel (Free Soul);
      2. The Cold Spirits (The souls that completely not connected with a physical body, The Souls in Sleep, in limbo, in Barzach, or intermediate state );
      3. The Spirits who lost the way (Lost Souls);
      4. For a time Period out of body Souls (Transcendence Souls);
      5. The Anomaly Spirits;
      6. After Armageddon Souls;
      7. The Miracles Souls;
      8. Before Birth Essences (The Essences in Sinkhole);
      9. Soul Eaters (Soul Cannibals - The Souls that eat other Souls).

    Sample of Essenceial hieroglyphic Languages
  1. The English word spirit (from Latin spiritus"breath") has many differing meanings and connotations, all of them relating to a non-corporeal substance contrasted with the material body. The spirit of a human being is thus the animating, sensitive or vital principle in that individual, similar to the soul taken to be the seat of the mental, intellectual and emotional powers. The notions of a person's "spirit" and "soul" often also overlap, as both contrast with body and both are imagined as surviving the bodily death in religion and occultism,and "spirit" can also have the sense of "ghost", i.e. manifestations of the spirit of a deceased person.

    The spirit, in many religions, spiritual traditions, and philosophies, is the eternal part of a living being, commonly held to be separable in existence from the body; distinct from the physical part. It is typically thought to consist of ones consciousness and personality, and can be synonymous with the soul, mind or self. The soul is believed to live on after the person’s physical death.

    The terms soul and spirit are often used interchangeably, although the latter may be viewed as a more worldly and less transcendent aspect of a person than the former. The term may also refer to any being imagined as incorporeal or immaterial, such as Beings, demons or deities.

    Essence endures within a being beyond the accidental. In philosophy, essence is the attribute or set of attributes that make an object or substance what it fundamentally is, and which it has by necessity, and without which it loses its identity. Essence is contrasted with accident: a property that the object or substance has contingently, without which the substance can still retain its identity. The concept originates with Aristotle, who used the Greek expression to tiêneinai, literally 'the what it was to be', or sometimes the shorter phrase to tiesti, literally 'the what it is,' for the same idea. This phrase presented such difficulties for his Latin translators that they coined the word essential (English "essence") to represent the whole expression. For Aristotle and his scholastic followers the notion of essence is closely linked to that of definition (horismos). Dead people are usually believed to go to a specific plane of existence after death (other than eternal oblivion), typically believed to be determined by a god, based on their actions during physical life. In contrast, the term afterlife refers to another life in which only the "essence" of the being is preserved, and "reincarnation" is another life on Earth or possibly within the same universe.

    (C) NiK-KiA 2010
    (C) Artist Designer nikkia 2010
    London - Los Angeles - Moscow - Ruhr - Teheran

“The Transitional Beings"
Abstract Art-paintings and Creative Design Concept
© NiK-KiA 2010-11 NiK-KiA

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