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"AA100000 Civilization (C) nikrouz kianouri"

New cybernetics, systems, cybernetics, control, autonomy, self-organization, complex systems, cybernetics of cybernetics, second order cybernetics, second order cybernetics, System, Artificial intelligence, intelligence, intelligent agent, reasoning, knowledge, learning, natural language processing, perception, General intelligence, statistical methods, computational intelligence, traditional symbolic AI, search and mathematical optimization, logic, methods based on probability and economics, computer science, mathematics, psychology, linguistics, philosophy, neuroscience, artificial psychology, Machine learning, scientific/engineering discipline, algorithms, model, Human–computer interaction (HCI), computer science, behavioral sciences, design, media studies, several other fields of study, Introspection, conscious thoughts, feelings, psychology, mental state, spiritual, soul, human self-reflection, external observation, Knowledge, facts, information, descriptions, skills, experience, education by perceiving, discovering, learning, philosophy, epistemology, cognitive processes, communication, reasoning Psychology, science of behavior and mental processes, Creativity, psychology, cognitive science, education, philosophy (particularly philosophy of science), technology, theology, sociology, linguistics, business studies, songwriting, economics, Outline of Visual arts, art forms, painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, visual, plastic arts, Human intelligence, Types of people, by intelligence, Collective intelligence, Group intelligence, Abstract thought, Creativity, Emotional intelligence, Fluid and crystallized intelligence, Knowledge, Learning, Malleability of intelligence, Memory, Working memory, Moral intelligence, Problem solving, Reaction time, Reasoning, Risk intelligence, Social intelligence, Spatial intelligence, Spiritual intelligence, Understanding, Verbal intelligence, Visual processing, Humanistic intelligence, Outline of thought, Cognition and mental processing, Association, Attention, Perception, Introspection, Memory, Metamemory, Pattern recognition, Imagination, Concept formation, Conception, Belief, Mental imagery, Reasoning, Abductive reasoning, Deductive reasoning, Inductive reasoning, Volition, Action, Problem solving, Emotion, Language, Metacognition, Fluid and crystallized intelligence, General factor of intelligence, Theory of multiple intelligences, Triarchic theory of intelligence, PASS theory of intelligence, Impact of health on intelligence, Environment and intelligence, Height and intelligence, Nations and intelligence, Neurological factors upon intelligence, Race and intelligence, History of the race and intelligence controversy, Religiosity and intelligence, Cognitive epidemiology, Evolution of human intelligence, Heritability of IQ, Mental chronometry, Intelligence and public policy, Behavioural genetics, Human behavior genetics, Psychometrics, Evolution of human intelligence, High IQ societies, Mega Society, Mensa International, Prometheus Society, Transcendental, transcendence, human being, Dasein, Existentialist, Infrastructure, organizational, enterprise, Interpersonal relationship, inference, love, solidarity, family, work, clubs, neighborhoods
Scientific method AI-Telepathy, feeling, perception, passion, affliction, experience, fiction, science fiction, extraterrestrials, superheroes, supervillains, Ideasthesia, empirical evidence, synesthesia, semantic, meaning, Ideation, Methods of innovation, Problem solution, Derivative idea, Symbiotic idea, Revolutionary idea, Serendipitous discovery, linear programming, Artistic innovation, Philosophical idea, Computer-assisted discovery, Innovation, products, processes, services, technologies, ideas markets, governments, society, invention, creation of the idea or method, Creative problem-solving, problem solving, Design thinking, Strategic design, design, organization, Problem solving, artificial intelligence, computer science, engineering, mathematis, medicine, psychology, Outline of thought, Thought, mental process, models, information, concepts, problem solving, reason decisions, Nature of thought, brain, mind, cognitive, consciousness, perception, thinking, judgement, memory, mental processes, cognitive functions, computer, algorithm, intelligence, intellectual capacity, mental proces, Concept, Abstract concept, Concrete concept, Conjecture, Outline of human intelligence, Huaman intelligence, Eight Disciplines Problem Solving (8D), social planning, interdependencies, neuroscientists, Tourette Syndrome,, central nervous system, hyperacusis, self, individual person, Library science, libraries, computer science, social sciences, statistics, psychology, personality individual human nature, cognitions, emotions, motivations, behavioral science, idiographic self-actualization, extraversion, personality, multivariate statistics, factor analysis, psychodynamic, abnormal psychology, clinical psychology, Philosophy of mind, philosophy, mind, mental events, mental functions, mental properties, consciousness, brain, mind–body problem, Prejudice, gender, political opinion, social class, age, disability, religion, sexuality, race/ethnicity, language, nationality, personal characteristics, In metaphysics, the problem of universals, Properties, relations, universals, Reinforcement learning, machine learning, behaviorist psychology, software agents, game theory, control theory, operations research, information theory, simulation-based optimization, statistics, genetic algorithms, approximate dynamic programming, economics, bounded rationality, Learning classifier system, machine learning, reinforcement learning, genetic algorithms, Abstract structure, abstract, Abstract and concrete, referent, abstract object theory, Abstraction, Existentialism Phenomenology, phenomenon, noumenon, Outline of thought, Cognition and mental processing, Association, Attention, Perception, Introspection, Memory, Metamemory, Pattern recognition, Creativity, Imagination, Concept formation, Conception, Mental imagery, Reasoning, Abductive reasoning, Deductive reasoning, Inductive reasoning, Volition, Action, Problem solving, Emotion, Language, Metacognition, Related factors, Impact of health on intelligence, Environment and intelligence, Height and intelligence, Nations and intelligence, Neurological factors upon intelligence, Race and intelligence, History of the race and intelligence controversy, Religiosity and intelligence, Fields that study human intelligence, Cognitive epidemiology, Evolution of human intelligence, Heritability of IQ, Mental chronometry, Intelligence and public policy, Behavioural genetics, Human behavior genetics, Self-awareness, self-knowledge, attitudes and dispositions, self-esteem, Personal boundaries, beliefs, opinions, attitudes, past experiences, social learning, personal identity, persistence, change, samenessm, time, The distinct personality, personality, person is recognized or known, Synesthesia, stimulation, ideasthesia, supernatural, spirit, religions, mythologies, Causality, event, physical cosmology, astronomy, Dark Energy, hypothetical, energy, accelerate, expansion of the universe, expanding, accelerating rate, standard model of cosmology, on a mass–energy equivalence, observable universe, dark matter, ordinary matter, scalar particle, parsecs, fifth force, equivalence principle, Illustris project, simulate galaxy formation, universe, Big Bang, physical computer model, universe Big Bang theory, cosmological, universe, expanding, age of the universe, subatomic particles, protons, neutrons, electrons, atomic nuclei formed, electrically neutral atoms formed, hydrogen, helium, lithium, gravity, stars, within stars, during supernovae, Large-scale cosmological simulations, evolution of the universe, observable universe, galaxy formation, Galaxy cluster or cluster of galaxies, galaxies, gravitationally bound, largest known structures, superclusters, intracluster medium, star clusters, open clusters, globular clusters, groups of galaxies, groups and clusters, superclusters, Physical cosmology, galaxy filaments, supercluster complexes, great walls, megaparsecs, Superclusters, galaxy groups, galaxy clusters, largest known structures, cosmos, Diffusion of innovations, ideas, technology, cultures, communication studies, innovation, human capital, critical mass, early adopters, extraversion–introversion, personality theories, Big Five model, mental representational, abstract concepts, ontological category of being, reflection, Epistemology, perception, reason, memory, testimony
Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, formalisms, logic, sets, subsets, Semantic nets, Frames, Rules, ontologies, automated reasoning, inference engines, theorem provers, ,classifiers, Commonsense knowledge, commonsense knowledge problem, knowledge representation, commonsense knowledge base, database, artificial intelligence, natural language, ontology, upper ontologies, AI-complete, machine translation, object recognition, text mining, meaning of life, spiritual, existence, social ties, consciousness, happiness, symbolic meaning, ontology, value, ethics, good and evil, free will, Contemporary philosophy, preternatural or praeternatural, natural, supernatural, preternatural phenomenal, Metaphysics, history of science, natural philosophy, scientific method, empirical experiment, neo-positivists, Stream of consciousness, thoughts, conscious mind, verbal thoughts, Wisdom, Urban planning, settlements, architecture, urban design, public consultation, strategic plans, comprehensive plans, neighborhood plans, historic preservation, Urban design, landscape architecture, architecture, civil, municipal engineering, landscape urbanism, water-sensitive urban design, sustainable urbanism, Principles of Intelligent Urbanism, environmental sustainability, heritage conservation, appropriate technology, infrastructure-efficiency, placemaking, "Social Access," transit oriented development, regional integration, human scale, institutional-integrity, Regenerative design, systems theory, systems ecology, biomimicry, ecosystems, ecosystems, human behavior, sustainable development, fundamental human needs, Urban renewal, reconstruction, Natural language processing (NLP), natural language generation, Knowledge, knowledge, behaviors, skills, values, preferences, Perception, Reason, thinking, cognition, intellect, beliefs, attitudes, traditions, institutions, self-determination, Regenerative Design, systems theory, systems ecology, biomimicry, ecosystems, Ecosystems, Adaptive resonance theory, neural network models, artificial neural networks, computational models, Central nervous systems, approximate functions, pattern recognition, Auto-configuration, configuration, jumpers, plug and play, microprocessors relational database management system, database management system, relational model, relational database model, Biocybernetics, cybernetics, biological science, systems biology, theoretical biology, systemics, Bioinformatics, genetics, genomics, Bio-inspired computing, biologically inspired computing, connectionism, social behaviour, emergence, Artificial intelligence, machine learning, biology, computer science, mathematics, natural computation, In communications or computer systems, functional units, initial settings, computer programs, applications, server processes and operating system, ASCII (rarely UTF-8), newline, carriage return/line feed, database, Configuration management (CM), systems engineering, engineering, complex systems, information systems, domain models, civil engineering, industrial engineering, roads, bridges, canals, dams, buildings, Knowledge-based configuration, product configuration, product customization, Configure script, program, libraries, compiling, source code, Data processing, collection a, meaningful information, computer science, imperative programming, programming paradigm, statements, imperative mood, declarative programming, Modelling biological systems, systems biology, mathematical biology, algorithms, data structures, visualization, computer modelling, computer simulations, cellular, networks of metabolites, enzymes, metabolism, signal transduction, gene regulatory networks), Artificial life, Cultural artifact (or social artifact), Evolutionary thought, objects, Data modeling, software engineering, data model, information system, lexical closures view encapsulation as a feature of the language orthogonal to object orientation, Android, robot, synthetic organism, humanoid robot, Transhumanism, The World's Most Dangerous Ideas, Transhumanist currents, Wisdom
Thorngate's postulate of commensurate complexity, meta-theoretical, Simplicity, complex, Simplicity theory, transfer function, system function, network function, black box models, linear time-invariant system, optical imaging devices, Fourier transform, point spread function, spatial frequency, VUCA, volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity, Bayesian approaches to brain function, Bayesian statistics,
behavioural sciences, neuroscience, probabilistic models, neural processing, Biocomplexity, emergent properties, molecular motors, DNA transcription, filaments, cytoskeleton, black box, transfer characteristics, transistor, algorithm, human brain, white box (sometimes also known as a "clear box" or a "glass box"), Black box theories, Chaos theory, Complexity, complex systems theory, Cross-correlation, probability, statistics, computer vision, image, signal processing, electrical engineering, differential equations, Decision theory, values, uncertainties, decision, rationality, optimal decision, deconvolution, algorithm-based, convolution, signal processing, image processing, scientific and engineering, disciplines, deconvolution, Evolution of biological complexity, evolution, cell types, morphology, natural selection, history of life, Evolvability, adaptation, Free energy principle, (biological) systems in neuroscience, Active inference, Free will, determinism, omnipotent, omniscient divinity, punishment, rehabilitation, morally accountable, neuroscientific findings regarding free will
Interconnectedness, worldview, oneness, interdependence, mysticism, Interdependence, freedom or independence, Optimal control theory, calculus of variations, optimization, control policies, Organic reactions, chemical reactions, organic compounds, organic chemistry, addition reactions, elimination reactions, substitution reactions, pericyclic reactions, rearrangement reactions, photochemical reactions, redox reactions, organic synthesis, Organic synthesis, chemical synthesis, organic compounds, organic reactions, Organic, inorganic, organic compounds, organic chemistry, total synthesis, methodology, Process architecture, real time, Self-organization, order, laws, initial conditions, fluctuations, positive feedback, Social complexity, conceptual framework, analysis, phenomenon, Social philosophy, social behavior, Stigmergy, coordination, environment, self-organization, Substitution reaction (also known as single displacement reaction or single replacement reaction), functional group, chemical compound, organic chemistry, electrophilic, nucleophilic, Synergetics, self-organization, open systems, thermodynamic equilibrium, Affirmations, New Thought, New Age, Creativity techniques, creative, divergent thinking, artistic expression, therapy, Intuition, inference, reason, perception, lucidity, understanding, rational thinking, beliefs, empirically, rationally, religions, esoteric, space station, orbital station, orbital space station, spacecraft, space (most commonly in low Earth orbit), human spaceflight, propulsion, landing, International Space Station, ynamical systems, butterfly effect,, deterministic, Complex adaptive systems, micro-structures, macro-structure, complex, dynamic networks of interactions, adaptive, collective behavior, self-organize, Space between galaxies, baryonic (ordinary) matter, stars ,galaxies, dark matter, electromagnetic forces, Mass-energy, observable Universe, vacuum energy, empty space, space law, Outer Space Treaty, Moon Treaty, radiation, Microgravity, physiology, muscle atrophy, bone loss, non-rocket spacelaunch, momentum exchange tethers, space elevators, Paranoid fiction, mental illness, Speculative fiction, alternate history, in-fiction universe, Mental disorder, mental illness, psychiatric disorder, Mental, behavioral, anomaly, suffering, disability, developmental, social norm, Feels, acts, thinks, perceives, nervous system, social context, mental health, psychopathology, Philosophical fiction, science fiction, utopian and dystopian fiction, Utopia, dystopia, Utopian fiction, Dystopian fiction, Consensus reality, reality, ontology, approximate, Simplicity, epistemology, simple living, infinitely simple, Testimony of Simplicity, syntactic simplicity, ontological simplicity (the number and complexity of things postulated), elegance, parsimony
Chronology of the universe, scientific model, Planck epoch, cosmological, comoving coordinates, singularity, Die Entdeckung der Unendlichkeit, Sampling, experimentation, curve fitting, regression analysis, Depersonalization (or depersonalisation), depersonalization disorder, dissociative disorder, Derealization, trauma, dissociative identity disorder, "dissociative disorder not otherwise specified" (DD-NOS),, anxiety disorders, clinical depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, migraine, sleep deprivation, seizure, recreational drugs, self-categorization theory, depersonalization, Fantasy prone personality (FPP), hallucinations, daydreaming, absorption and eidetic memory, Function objec, object-oriented programming, anti-pattern, a divide and conquer strategy, methods, subroutines, procedural programming languages, global variables, microcontrollers, Higher consciousness, contemporary popular spirituality, Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, immutable object, mutable object, memoization, thread-safe
prototype pattern, design pattern, software development, aprototypical instance, subclasses, abstract factory pattern, base class, pure virtual, parameter, mitotic division, anti-pattern, design pattern, software design, source, machine code, interactions, functional programming, architectural patterns, Inner Healing Movement, Maladaptive Daydreaming or excessive daydreaming, Mind-wandering, Motor imagery, Omnipresence or ubiquity, A simulacrum, A paracosm, The extended mind, philosophy of mind, Ishin-denshin, idiom, interpersonal communication, understanding, telepathy, Interpersonal communication, intellection, Artificial intelligence (AI), Human–computer interaction, Information architecture (IA), abstract structure, Thinking in abstractions, Urban planning, Statutory planning, hierarchy of angels, Demonologies (classifications of demons), occultism, Renaissance magic, Guardian angel, Affectional action (also, affectual or emotional action), Communicative, conscious thoughts and feelings, psychology, spiritual, external observation
The extended, philosophy of mind, Externalism, philosophy of mind, nervous system, Internalism and externalism, Human–computer interaction, Information architecture (IA), Thinking in abstractions, Substance theory, or substance attribute theory , Substance theory, substance attribute theory, ontological, objecthoodSubstance, metaphysics, monist, dualist, pluralist, Stoicism, Spinoza, Erholung, Regeneration, Demolation, eminent domain, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), A mental disorder, mental illness or psychiatric disorder, mental, behavioral, anomaly, (disability), developmentally or socially normative, feels, acts, thinks or perceives, brain, nervous system, social context, mental health, psychopathology, Perceptual psychology, cognitive psychology, perception, Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), artificial intelligence, science fiction, futurists, AI, full AI, general intelligent action, Transcendental, Transcendence, Celestial spheres, quintessence, computational creativity, automated reasoning, robot, evolutionary computation, intelligent agent, artificial psychology, Connectionism, artificial intelligence, cognitive psychology, cognitive science, neuroscience, philosophy of mind, mental, behavioral, emergent processes, neurons, synapses, Evolution, expert system, inference engine, knowledge base, Cosmogony (or cosmogeny), existence (or origin), cosmos (or universe), reality, philosophy of science and epistemology, Creationism, Universe and living organisms, divine creation, young Earth creationists, literalistic reading, Book of Genesis, evolution, Antiscience, science and the scientific method, objective method, reductionism, creation and evolution in public education has been the subject of substantial debate and conflict in legal, political, and religious circles, Globally, evidence for evolution, modern evolutionary synthesis, scientific theory, evolution, evolutionary biology, syllabuses, Creation science or scientific creationism, creationism, Genesis creation narrative, Book of Genesis, scientific facts, theories, scientific paradigms, Earth, cosmology, evolutio, Creation–evolution controversy (also termed the creation vs, evolution debate or the origins debate) cultural, political, theological, Earth, humanity, other life, Transhumanist technologies, Transhumanists, Transhumanist, Mysticism, Transpersonal, Creativity, Formal sciences, self-concept (also called self-construction, self-identity, self-perspective or self-structure), Introspection, Recreation, recreation room (also known as a rec room, rumpus room, or ruckus room), Urban renewal, redevelopment, reconstruction, Regeneration, regenerativ, Parallel constraint satisfaction processes (PCSP), Connectionism, neural networks, parallel distributed processing models
Computability theory, super-recursive algorithms, Turing machines, Unsupervised learning, supervised learning, reinforcement learning
density estimation, data mining, chain reaction, positive feedback, chain of events, Thermodynamic non-equilibrium, energy transformation, entropy, laws of thermodynamics, snowball effect, Complex systems, mathematical modelling, philosophical, statistical physics, information theory, non-linear dynamics, systems, complex, Complex Systems, computer science, biology, economics, physics, chemistry, modelling and simulation,science of networks and network theory, complex system, The fine-tuned Universe, life, Universe, fundamental physical constants, matter, philosophers, scientists, theologians, creationism, Human outposts, human habitats, ocean floor, science fiction, Outer space, space, celestial bodies, plasma, hydrogen, helium, electromagnetic radiation, magnetic fields, neutrinos, dust and cosmic rays, A Theory of Everything, Absolute idealism, ontologically monistic philosophy, identity, concepts, sense of the world, An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything, physics preprint, unified field theory, fundamental interactions, theory of everything, gravitational, Standard Model, Big Bang, cosmological, expanding, age of the universe, protons, neutrons, electrons, atomic nuclei formed, electrically neutral atoms formed, hydrogen, helium, lithium, gravity, stars, galaxies, within stars, during supernovae, Fundamental interactions, fundamental forces, interactive forces, physics, gravitational, electromagnetic, strong nuclear, weak nuclear, classical field, quantum field, elementary particle, General relativity, general theory of relativity, geometric theory, modern physics, Special relativity, Newton's law of universal gravitation, space and time, or spacetime, Curvature of spacetime, energy and momentum, matter, Einstein field equations, partial differential equations, Infinity (symbol, ∞), without any limit, numerical analysis, interpolation, discrete set
Monism, Multiverse (or meta-universe) hypothetical, (including the universe we consistently experience), cosmology, physics, astronomy, religion, philosophy, transpersonal psychology, fiction, science fiction, fantasy, Parallel universes, alternative universes, quantum universes, interpenetrating dimensions, parallel dimensions, parallel worlds, alternative realities, alternative timelines, dimensional planes, (Simulated Idealism) Simulated Reality, hypothesis, reality, computer simulation, Virtual, Analytic philosophy, anti-realism, objective reality, construal, other minds, past, future, universals, mathematical entities (such as natural numbers), moral categories, material world, thought, behaviorist, Constructivist epistemology, philosophy of science, natural science, measure, models, Metacognition, cognition, knowing about knowing, meta, Metamemory, Subjective idealism, or empirical idealism, entails, immaterialism, dualism, neutral monism, materialism, eliminative materialism, Subjective idealism, phenomenalism, empiricism, idealism, pantheism, absolute idealism, subjective, history of science, A theory of everything (ToE) or final theory, ultimate theory, or master theory, Quantum Field Theory (QFT), stars, galaxies, clusters, galaxies, sub-atomic particles, atoms, molecules, Standard Model, Grand Unified Theory, weak, strong, electromagnetic force, Transcendental idealism, in and of themselves, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD, similar to hyperkinetic disorder in the ICD-10), psychiatric disorder, neurodevelopmental, appropriate for a person's age, Borderline personality disorder (BPD) (called emotionally unstable personality disorder, emotional intensity disorder, or borderline type in the ICD-10), cluster-B personality disorder, impulsivity interpersonal relationships and self image, Common coding theory, Creative, Divine presence, presence of God, Inner God, presence, religion, spirituality, theology, omnipotent, present, human beings, mind, Perception or experience, dissociative, Derealization, subjective, depersonalization, nosological, Chronic derealization, occipital–temporal dysfunction, traumatic event

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