AA100000 Civilization
Idea Core
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Matrix type 1 - 81 Holodeck
Matrix Type 2 - Prototype
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Holodeck 21-29 : The Millennium Art–2060BC
1.1. Meta-Concept AA100000 – Idea Core
Meta-Visual-Creative-Knowledge (Terminology & Theory)
1.3. Visual Knowledge Management
1.4. Recovery & Renaissance Meta-Art-Concept (culture, Social,…)
1.5. Health Care Reform
1.5. Visual Knowledge based on Bio, Genetic, Sleep images, Deep Psychology, Descriptive & Mental based
1.6. Proto-Civilization – and an Art Base Civilization
1.7. Defense Mechanism and a Development, Preventive Mission
1.8. An Abstract Art, nonfigurative art, objective art
1.9. An Creative-run space with Social Evolutionary Thought’s Effects

Holodeck 21-29 : Integration of Creativity (Sketches) and Prototyps
2.1. An alternative decorative Arts Exhibition Space
2.2. The AA100000 Graphics and Prototype Hall and Gallery
2.3. Integration of Core Idea’s
2.4. Integration of Visual Knowledge
2.5. Integration of Architecture and Cityscape
2.6. Integration of Urban Beautification
2.7. Integration of Creative Paintings
2.8. Integration of Creative Organizations
2.9. Integration of Academy Activity’s Sketches

Holodeck 31-39 : Painting's Halls
3.1. The AA100000 Paintings Holodecks, the AA100000 Idea visualization, Hall and Gallery
3.2. An alternative decorative Arts Exhibition Spaces
3.3. The AA100000 Civilization Micro Perspective Paintings
3.4. The AA100000 Civilization Macro Perspective Paintings
3.5. The AA100000 Civilization Transpersonal and Mental Mapping Paintings
3.6. The AA100000 Civilization Panorama Paintings
3.7. An Abstract simulation Forum
3.8. The Visual analytics, Visual Road map, Karta, Compass
3.9. AA100000 Outlines

Holodeck 41-49 : Castle, Keeping and first defense walls
4.1. A Creative Fortifications Structure
4.2. An Art Centre or Arts Center
4.3. A Renaissance architecture Creative structure as Underground Structure, Babylonic
4.4. A UNESCO World Heritage Site
4.5. A Castle and Keeping structure
4.6. The Historic preservation, a border barrier and Defensive Wall Row 2 and 3
4.7. An Art Storage, Restoration,Conservation Centre and Area
4.8. A Cultural Heritage Management Structure and an Intelligence Supervise Centre
4.9. Society and Tourism in use

Holodeck 51-59 : Architecture, Cityscape and Beautificated Urban
5.1. The "Beautificated Urban"- Necropolis
5.2. City Beautification Street View (perspective)
5.3. The Renaissanial Urban Architecture cityscape Concept
5.4. Aerial landscape art
5.5. Art Urban and UNESCO World Heritage Site
5.6. The Historic Preservation, a border barrier and defense wall 4 to n
5.7. The Castling, Puzzeling and Wappen structure
5.8. Creative Beautificated Structure : yardang, Mirror, Sinkhole Structure, Biosphere, Mask, Implantat, babylonic, Underground Structure, oak structure, Italian Bad, Perl House
5.9. Society and Psychology in use

Holodeck 61-69 : Visual Language, Logograms
6.1. The Personal Mental Visual abstract Creative Language knowledge base & Karta (VACLKB)
6.2. An or more Visual Metalanguage Prototype
6.3. Abstract, nonfigurative, objective Logogramic and Hierographic Language
6.4. The AA100000 Image Processing language, General-purpose macro processor encyclopedia
6.5. The Compiler and Pattern Recognition, General-purpose macro
6.6. The planned or Symbolic Constructed Language
6.7. Building a Hieroglyphs and Symbolic Language based Culture
6.8. A.I. dynamic Terminology, Encyclopedia, Grammar and, Communication System
6.9. General-purpose macro processor, Data Bases

Holodeck 71-79 : Human and psycholical Resoures

7.1. The Prototype – An Artist-Run Initiative
7.2. Art Therapy - Evolutionary Biology and Genetic Visual Creative Concept
7.3. General-purpose macro processor, Health Care Reform - The Health Care Reform Expressive therapy, also known as the expressive therapies, expressive arts therapy or creative arts therapy, Transpersonal Psychology
7.4. An intelligence quotient, or IQ, helper to Social Creation, Characterization
7.5. A sociocultural system a complex adaptive systems helper to Social-System Dynamics
7.6. Art therapist and Artistic Beautification Jobs
7.8. to Organize a Artist Creative Class Jobs
7.9. AA100000 Festival organization - Cat Integration

Holodeck 81-89 : Virtula Academy
8.1. The AA100000 Academic Activity Monitor
8.2. Valuation Based Monitoring system (VBS) is a framework for knowledge representation all functions central and schedule
8.3. AA100000 Know-how Transfer
8.4. AA100000 Knowledge Management (and engineering),
8.5. Object-Oriented Programming (O.O.P.), Progressive Aspect-Oriented Programming (Progressive AOP)
8.6. An Expert System - decision support systems and geographic information systems
8.7. An AA100000 Knowledge-Based System - The concept of Visual Encyclopedic & terminology knowledge and Data Bases
8.8. A Cyber Arts & Virtual Communication Space
8.9. Storage & Shop Management

Holodeck 91-99 : Integration of Interior Civilization Concepts in AA100000 Metaconcept
9.1. Silver cord
9.2. Afterlife globe
9.3. Anima Mundi
9.4. Transitional Beings
9.5. Hypnagogic dialog
9.6. Anatta
9.7. Hereafter Mainstream
9.8. Collapse of interim state
9.9. World to come

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