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The AA100000 Civilization evolutionary idea and concept is based on 50 years (half century) permanent personal activity:

1. in first steps creative imaginary freehand drawings;
2. Later "innovative research" and "Creative Practical Interdisciplinary Experiment", "knowhow Design&Transfer" and "Paintings&Concept Art”.

The most significant activity’s topics in past years are list as:

1. CIPSE © 1982-1992 monitored in homepage:

2. INTERIOR CIVILIZATION © 1993-2013 monitored in homepage:

3. AA100000 CIVILIZATION © 1960-2060 monitored in homepage (page under construction):

Development and Improving of the "AA100000 Mega Concept":

The Development and Improving of the "AA100000 Mega Concept" activities up-to present time only in “Prototype Design and Implementation Stage” from single person (me) was possible. Further activities must be run in a collective environment with software, hardware and man-creative resources.

The AA100000 Civilization and "Evolutionary Mega Concept" further creation and implementation process must integrate in a human organization-complex with gigantic possibilities. An expert moderate association that has global human benefits interests, helpful expertise possibilities, administrative ability and more potential in followings views:

1. Universal orientation in advanced solutions;
2. Analysing, supervising, civilization recovery organizing and securing;
3. Can think multi-directive and with time orientation;
4. Maximum creative thinking functionality;
5. Open intelligent atmosphere environment; and
6. Large practical background in interdisciplinary complexes.

From the "System & Concept" point of view until present time the majority of the “AA100000 Mega Concept" after me is realized. The mega-concept in following facts during past years permanently improved:

1. Imaging, visualization, design & creation;
2. Investigating and verifying in case of prototype modelling (up-to 95% of the work is done);
3. Monitoring, Atlasing and Matrixing, and
4. Concept appropriate and recommending.

"AA100000 Mega Concept" with enough details and as a dynamic system and know-how is ready. The concept ideas, elements and fundaments are realized.In year 2016 It was ready to run, transfer and implement.

“AA100000 Mega Concept" had visualized realistic "one year 2015) concepting&Matrixing time" and "one year (2016) testing time". For construction of the AA100000 prototype the Idea, Modelling Sketches, Plan and Scheduled were realized.

The concept is not a "Phantasy Situation, Science Fiction or Movie Scenario”. It is a concept that in large part was realized and has a defined and realistic further creation path. The Concept’s "Prototype Modelling and Implementation stage" up-to 90% completed and its End Stage is finished. In the past year (2015/2016) rest of AA100000 "Prototype-Modelling" created, During two further years AA100000 First implemented Prototype was completed.

The Know-how Transfer immediately is starting. In a parallel time the constructing of original Architecture also running.

The start value in Year 2015 was 1B in Year 2015 high and min 10% yearly growth (in reality it had 10B turnover in year 2016)..

AA100000 Civilization Basic Definitions:

AA100000 civilization evolutionary know-how is a complete new start.

AA100000 contents and dynamism is the highest level of Complexity in human’s future, environment and essential life. It is an assistant and Know-how in benefits of human beings.

AA100000 civilization developmention Know-how consisting of human’s

1. Free nature and dynamism;
2. Formed motivated creativity;
3. Abstract thinking;
4. Active intelligent;
5. Interdisciplinary knowledge;
6. Activated essential life.

AA100000 can analyse and describe with all other known human's intelligent, achievements, environment and their outlines.

AA100000 is a positive universal organism that can use as progressive helper for the whole range of human being’s life and aspects.

AA100000 is not a replacement for religions and sciences. Otherwise it is an objective and subjective knowledge with highest level of interests for all of them. It based on human essential life and has a higher human level as all world ideologies together

AA100000 Structure is not in conflicts with sciences, religions and ideologies. It can accept, adopt and be in use for all of them as assistance of the humanisms.

AA100000 Environment has place for take in self whole Human's History, sciences, ideas, knowledge and achievements but it has higher level of positive creativity, personal freedom, integrity, coordination, regulation, filtration, stabilization, control, defence functionality and improvement.

AA100000 has a Matrix, Spiral design, form and structure with n-Dimensional evolutionary development direction.

AA100000 related and created in base of human essential life and can be great generator of positive solutions for all human's future's Questions, Goals and Benefits.

The not universal previous versions of human sciences, methodologies and ideologies have not the same forward-thinking, progressive character; knowledge base and civilization's essential dynamism in compare with different AA100000 Universal Reawaken Regenerative Complex. All other known innovations systems, most recent know-hows, advanced sciences such as:
IT (Information Technic), AI (Artificial Intelligent), Biological Systems, Political Sciences, Astronomy, nuclear Tech. and etc. in compare with AA100000 Civilization have a past-previous form.

The "ONE START” economic volume and value of AA100000 Civilization:

The financial prospective Start Value and Rating of "AA100000 Civilization" fixed and named as "ONE-START". The "ONE-START" from Date 01.01.2015 was fixed in high as 1B. The AA100000 Civilization had 1B functional start value.

The Start financial Value of AA100000 Universal Know-how and concept in base of following views calculated:

1. Start level potential and capability;
2. Contents effectivity;
3. Change&Recovery&Replacement feedback efficiency:
4. Evolutionary growth strategy and path.

The investments and structuring of "AA100000 Civilization" Design&Creation in compare had a value as high as "absolute zero".

The Growing value of "AA100000 Civilization" had rated as minimum 10% yearly.

List one some positive aspects of AA100000 Evolutionary Complex:

AA100000 can use as repairing&recovering assistance, regulating terminal, strategic path and universal progressive replacements platform for whole interior and global human Cultural&Social&Economic aspects and issues. (such as “Social Health Coordination & Program” or “Strategic Solving complex of Crisis-Fall-Down X,Y,Z”)

AA100000 need and can to create 10% and more new Intelligence, creative, dynamic and productive Workplaces. The workplaces have perspective of permanently qualification. (It means multimillions new high quality, creative, dynamic and productive workplaces). The AA100000 workplaces have a great positive & efficient effect in improvements of quality related to every other workplace.

AA100000 is forming with collective creative intelligence in base of human essential existence. The highest level form of permanently self-improving multi-plants & collective Intelligence.

AA100000 has possibility of control, regulate, filtrate, isolate and prevent the "negative activities, effects, processes & outputs" of other high level human made intelligent such "IT-cyber-attacks" or "Al-biological structure uncontrolled self-development processes".

AA100000 can use in possible worst case scenarios in economy, politic, mega conspiracies, military or civilizations conflicts and fall down as:

1. Emergency Exit;
2. Bypassing Assistance;
3. Strategic Orientation;
4. Reserve in Service; and etc.

AA100000 is only possible effective Culture-Political fundament and methodology that "can control" and "not be controlled". It is an Alternative contrast&complex in “concurrence, compare, processing, discussions and regulations” of negative “barriers, structures and expansion”.

The “AA100000 Civilizations” way of Creation:

Large part of "AA100000 Mega Concept" in idea and practise is realized. It is developed and will be improved further in Cycle of:

1. Creative visualization;
2. Modelling sketches;
3. Prototype creation;
4. Know-how documentation;
5. Dialog & functionality und know-how transfer;
6. Prototype installation;
7. Test;
8. Distribution & education;
9. Geographical installation; and
10. Further improvement.

The following major steps for realizing of AA100000 during last 35 years are done:

Step-1: Finished CIPSE concept (Computer Integrated Polit Strategic Enterprise) during time period of 1982-1993 as scientific and know-how based concept was designed, searched, verified, finished and documented.

Step-2: During time period 1993-2015 twenty thousands (20.000 pcs.) "Modelling Sketches" of "AA100000 Civilization" are done and in an ATLAS-system Matrixed. A large part of 20.000 pcs sketches are for use coloured and in a Median-Atlas form Matrixed. The Step 2 from year 1993 to 2014 were consisting of 9 concepts total 81 finished Projects.

Step-3: Up-to 3000 unit (More or less) "AA100000 Prototype Modelling Sketches" are Matrixed (one year plan, from 01.01.2015 to end of year 2016).

Step-4: Up-to 12.000 unit Modelling Sketches (more or less) during last years permanently visualized, designed and Matrixed. They will be part of AA100000 Know-how transfer Atlas.

AA100000 "Sub Cores, Corridors, Tunnels and interfaces Prototype" in base of modelling sketching are part realized.

The following major steps for realizing of AA100000 Civilization must be completed:

Step-6: Realizing of AA100000 "Central Core, Brain or Nucleus Prototype" in base of modelling sketches needs two more years. (01.2018 until year 2020 and will be my Jobs)

Step-7: The Materialization and Construction of AA100000 Civilization “Spiral n-Dimensional End-Structure" with "Corridors, Nucleuses, Objects, Tunnels, Communication and Institutions", Contents and parallel know-how transfer can be start now.

Nikrouz kianouri

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